Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photo's Of Adriana

Wow, It is amazing how fast time goes by. As I have been putting these pictures of Adriana on this blog it is hard for me to think back on some of these of when they were even take. So I think I have come pretty close with most of them of when they where taken or how old she was in them. I also trying to place them in order of her age so that everyone can see how much she has grown in 3 years.


  1. She is beautiful! She looks so happy. You must be a great mom... we miss you!

  2. Thank you! Just so you know I have talked about Braddock so much that she thinks that he is her brother. She is always telling me when we see boy stuff that her brother Braddock needs. She makes me laugh when she tells me that. I have been trying to tell her that he is her cousin but she won't listen.

    Good luck guys. We miss you like crazy. I hope to post new pics here soon.